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Give your app admin 100% control
So your business communication is 100% organized
Our Stakeholders

Business Admin

Registers and manages users, storage, data for the business, institution or team.

Internal Users

Employees, contractors, members, residents, associates, board etc. have full access & full rights

External Users

Customers, consumers, suppliers, partners, consultants, etc. have limited rights and limited access.
Admin registration
and user login in a few mins
Admin downloads and registers on BlueSecures app
Admin adds users such as employees, customers, suppliers, and partners
Users login when they get an invite message from admin
Employees add customers and suppliers as and when required
Start Instant messaging and calling
Admin can add and manage internal users (employees, associates, members, and others)
With BlueSecures, app admin can manage user rights and add unlimited employees for free — without any subscription charges until further notification. Admin also has the right to remove users, and when users are removed, they lose access to business data.
Admin & employees can add external stakeholders
Admins & employees can add external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, and partners. However, external stakeholders cannot add anyone to the BlueSecures app.
Admins manage users and data
Only your app admins can delete any user, manage their rights, and download any business or user data.
Without Admin permission, users cannot..
  • Add any stakeholder
  • Cut, copy, or paste data
  • Download data to mobile hard-disk
  • Share data externally to other apps
Admin manages profile settings
With BlueSecures app, admins can manage profile settings such as business name, address, and GST of various businesses.
Multiple businesses, one mobile number
Admin can register multiple businesses with one mobile number and toggle easily between them. Once a particular business name is assigned, it cannot be changed.
Admin cannot change user type
User type determines whether a user is an employee, customer, supplier etc. Once assigned, the admin cannot change the user type from employee to customer and so forth. Admin can delete a user who is an employee and then re-add as a customer. Also, the admin cannot delete any user data.
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