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Brand Guidelines
BlueSecures is a secure messaging and audio calling product for businesses, institutions, teams and professionals. BlueSecures brand guidelines reflect the perfect and unique intersection of business messaging, communication, digital collaboration, ease of use, data safety and security. Blue stands for the unlimited sky, imaginative and builds trust with businesses and institutions. The swoosh logo with a twist of the line with an arrow pointing upwards stands for ‘positive messaging, which never stops’.

Hence the following brand guidelines determine the identity of the product and the influence it has on customers, subscribers, employees, suppliers, members and such others of the global community.
Please do not combine the BlueSecures name or logos, or any portion of any of them, with any other logo, company name, mark, or generic terms. Do not edit, modify, distort, rotate, or re-color the logo.
Naming Usage
Please do not modify or abbreviate the name “BlueSecures.” The “B” and second “S” in BlueSecures are always capitalized. Keep “BlueSecures” as a single word.
BlueSecures is a single word and follows proper capitalization
Never split BlueSecures into two words and always use the correct capitalization
BlueSecures brand color identity comprises of following colors. Please use them accordingly.
Name: Helvetica Neue
BlueSecures heading
BlueSecures heading
BlueSecures heading
BlueSecures heading
Connect the apps you use, automate tasks, get more out of your data.
You can use following screenshots and it is advised to not edit, modify, distort, rotate, or recolor.
These are the complete guidelines to use BlueSecures brand assets for marketing and other purposes. You are requested to comply. Also, it comprises of frequently asked questions, legal declarations and disclaimers.
It is hereby informed to not use, associate, concocted, add, detach other similar domain names, logos, generic names, copyrights, trademarks, any other such relevant or associated content which may directly or indirectly be perceived or confused with BlueSecures.

Furthermore, it is advised to:
  • Only use latest version of BlueSecures name and logos which are available on our website
  • Do not use “BlueSecures” Logo instead of word BlueSecures
  • Always use the “BlueSecures” with the standard font size and style
  • Never modify or abbreviate the word “BlueSecures”
The prohibited actions of using Brand Resources are described as follows:
  • Do not combine the BlueSecures name or logos, or any portion of any of them, with any other logo, company name, mark, or generic terms.
  • Do not manufacture, sell, or give-away merchandise items that are affecting any BlueSecures Brand Resources.
  • Do not use the BlueSecures trademark, or anything similar, as, or as part of, a second level domain name or platform username.
  • Do not use the BlueSecures Brand Resources in a way that shows partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement by BlueSecures or any of its affiliates.
  • Do not use the BlueSecures Brand Resources in a way that is misleading, defamatory, libelous, obscene, infringing, illegal, derogatory, dilutive, or otherwise impairing or objectionable to the rights of BlueSecures or any third party.
  • Do not use the BlueSecures Brand Resources as part of a name of a product or service of a company other than BlueSecures.
  • Do not use an image confusingly similar to the BlueSecures logo or any other BlueSecures Brand Resource or other variation of any BlueSecures Brand Resource for any purpose.
  • Do not use a variation, phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff, or abbreviation of a BlueSecures trademark (or any portion of it), for any purpose, such as BluSecure, bluesecures, bluesecurity, blueSecures, bluesec, etc.
  • Do not use BlueSecures or any of the BlueSecures Brand Resources as a verb.
  • Do not make BlueSecures the completely distinguished feature of your piece of work.
Do not use the BlueSecures brand resources for anything which is inconsistent with BlueSecures’s Terms of service and these guidelines. The name and logos are trademark of BlueSecures and should only be used as mentioned in guidelines. In case of evaluation of your use, if any breach is found then we have rights to revoke your permission to use the BlueSecures Brand Resources at any time.
Frequently asked questions:
1. Why are these guidelines required to use the BlueSecures brand resources?
These guidelines help to maintain its unique identity wherever “BlueSecures” brand is used. This gives an insight about what can or cannot be used and helps to protect our trademark.

2. How to use BlueSecures on my product or merchandise?
BluSecures doesn't permit or license its trademarks, logos or other intellectual property for use without explicit prior written approval.

3. How to use the BlueSecures Brand Resources?
Please submit a written request and seek approval if you want to use the BlueSecures Brand Resources to market your products and services. Generally, it takes 2-3 weeks for requests to be processed.t explicit prior written approval.

4. How to use the BlueSecures Brand Resources for Book, play, TV or film?
You need to submit a written request. We can only approve it after reviewing the final version of the overall content. Then you can use the brand resource as long as it's clear that BlueSecures doesn't endorse or sponsor your work.

5. Is it possible to combine the BlueSecures Brand Resources with new words or images to create new marks and logos?
No, you are not supposed to modify the BlueSecures Brand Resources in any way, including changing the design or combining the BlueSecures Brand Resources with other words or images

6. Is it possible to modify the color or design to fit with the style of any website or anywhere?
No, you are not supposed to modify any colors in our logos. You can scale the size of BlueSecures Brand Resources to fit as long as they do not look distinguished’

7. How to use BlueSecures in any domain name or online username?
You are not supposed to use any BlueSecures trademarks, or anything similar, in your trademark, domain name, username, or other account name.

8. Should I use BlueSecures logos and images I found somewhere else?
You can only use the official BlueSecures Brand Resources that are available from the BlueSecures Brand Resources website.

9. What can BlueSecures do if people misuse the BlueSecures Brand Resources?
BlueSecures has a dedicated team for the protection of its intellectual property. BlueSecures can use its rights against those who misuse its trademarks.
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