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Doing business was never this simple, safe and smart
With features that let you own and control your data
Protect your data
BlueSecures app lets you automatically save your messages, audio, video, documents, files, and pictures on the cloud.
Own your data
With our app, you can completely own and control your data related to your stakeholders — be it transactions, messages, documents, or files.
Create a network of stakeholders
You can upload your contact list of various stakeholders such as employees, customers, and suppliers. Also, sell more and service better with features such as forwarding, sharing, and making instant calls.
Disconnect access instantly
Admin can delete users (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.) and they will instantly lose access to your business data.
Forward securely to customers
Make a secure group of your customers for viewing, responding, downloading, and forwarding documents or files.
Share your data externally
With admin permission, your employees can share data externally (outside the company network) with your stakeholders and vice versa.
Access data from anywhere
Our BlueSecures app stores all your files securely on the cloud for access from anywhere.
Switch between businesses
Our app makes toggling between your different businesses easy and keeps your data fully encrypted. Get 100% control of data related to each business.
BlueSecure your business communication today