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Frequently asked questions
About Deskfactors Inc

Deskfactors Inc., is a B2B Software as a Service product company registered in Delaware USA and head-quartered in Santa Clara, US. Deskfactors Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore India is 100% subsidiary of Deskfactors Inc., U.S.

Deskfactors owns, a secure messaging product for global subscribers and users. Product development is predominantly executed out of Bangalore, India.

Experienced senior executives and software professionals with global product development exposure have launched Deskfactors Inc. Click the link for team profiles.

Deskfactors is funded by some of the most renowned global investment leaders and corporate professionals. Click the link for investor profiles.

Deskfactors Inc., 1600 Duane Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States.

No. 2907, Club Road, 22nd cross road, Parangi Palya, Sector 2, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560102.

About BlueSecures

Like Business email, BlueSecures is secure messaging for businesses & institutions.

  • In India, Singapore, Asia Pacific, South America and many such countries – businesses use social messaging apps for work / business purposes. With user (employee) attrition, businesses end up losing critical business data. helps save and secure data for business, simultaneously providing the ease of messaging convenience between employees, customers and suppliers.
  • In North America, Europe etc., businesses use SMS / text messaging and emails to conduct business. secure business messaging helps business own, save, secure, retrieve and access data easily and helps connect employees, customers & suppliers to sell more and service better.
  • It helps save & secure business data.
  • It helps sell more and service better by instantly connecting employees, customers, suppliers

Like business email, BlueSecures is secure messaging for business.

When an employee joins a company; business email ID is issued. When the employee leaves, the e-mail ID is disconnected, and employee loses access to data. Similarly, upon joining, employee is given messaging ID and when employee leaves, is disconnected and access to data is terminated.

Details Social Messaging Apps like WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram etc.
Who is it for Friends & Family For Businesses, Institutions, Teams & Professionals (Proprietorships) and used by employees, customers, suppliers etc.
Who owns data Users own data and are usually stored on mobile hard disk. Businesses, companies, institutions etc. own the data
User Management There are no central admin controls to manage users (add, delete, edit) Admin of the business manages users (add, delete, edit)
Data Management Users own it, users carry data with them. Data owned by business and stored on AWS and accessible only to the business admin.
Security Data on mobiles is not encrypted, it is encrypted only in-flight. Data on mobile, in-flight on cloud (AWS) is encrypted and audited at least twice a year.
Features Users can forward any business data to anyone and there are no restrictions. Users can forward business data based on business rules and based on rights assigned.
Adding employees Users add users from their contact list, there is no concept of employees or business etc. A user is simply a user. Admin can add unlimited employees since Blue is a business messaging product.
Adding customers, suppliers, partners etc. Users add users from their contact list, there is no concept of adding customers, suppliers, partners etc. A user is simply a user. Admin and employees can add unlimited customers, suppliers, partners etc. for free since Blue is a business messaging product.
  • Most social messaging apps are green in colour, not secure and connect friends and family.
  • BlueSecures is “Blue in colour” and secures data for businesses and hence, “BlueSecures”
Using BlueSecures

BlueSecures is a secure messaging app for businesses & institutions.

Businesses, Institutions, Teams & Professionals can use BlueSecures. Also, those who want to create private networks and manage users and data can use BlueSecures.

Any business can use BlueSecures

  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Professionals & Private Networks
  • Teams, Start-ups
  • Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs)
  • Enterprises & Institutions
  • Govt bodies, NGOs, Societies etc.

Any industry can use BlueSecures

  • CAs, Attorneys, Doctors, Traders, Dealers, Stockbrokers, Real Estate Agents etc
  • Banking, Finance, Securities & Insurance
  • Healthcare, Wellness, Hospitals, Pharmacies
  • Manufacturing, Automobile
  • FMCG, Retail, Construction, Real-Estate
  • Logistics, Distribution, e-commerce
  • Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Fashion
  • Educational Institutions
  • IT, ITES, Technology, Start-ups
  • Energy, Defense, Public Sector..
Registration, Login, User Management

You can download BlueSecures from Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

Admin: Is an internal user and represents your business and registers your business details. Admin also manages users (adds, deletes, suspends, edits) and has access to all the business data.

Types of users: Two types of users can login to the business network when admin invites them viz.,

  • Internal Users (Admin, Employees, Members, Associates, Board Members, people on rolls, contractors etc.), who belong to your business are often people working full-time and to whom you want to give the full rights and full access.
  • External Users (Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Visitors/Guests others etc.), who are external to your business and often provide services to your business or your business provides service to., and to whom, you give limited rights and limited access.
  • Admin can invite users from mobile phone
  • Internal users can invite external users from mobile phone
  • External users cannot invite anyone
  • If you are a mid-market company, medium to large enterprise with more than 100 people and you need help in uploading user data, please write to and we will help upload the username and mobile number from the backend and enable them instantly on
  • Only those users who receive an invite (text message) to download and login can join your business account.
  • Just like email, where Admin issues User ID and password to a newly joined employee, similarly, admin invites users (internal and external users) to join the business network.
  • Even internal users (employees) can invite external users (customers, suppliers) to join the business network.
  • User type, name and number can cannot be changed because if it is changed in one business, it will affect for all other businesses. Hence this is not allowed.
  • However, Admin can edit optional details and user rights.

With admin permission, users can…

  • Add customers, suppliers..
  • Download data to mobile hard-disk
  • Cut/Copy paste data from one business to the other
  • Share externally with other apps
  • Enable screenshot
  • Send via WhatsApp
  • Send Text
  • Subscription fee is paid by Admin of the business, only when notified and applicable
  • Subscription fee is applicable only to internal users when notified and applicable.
  • Admin and internal users can add unlimited external users for free.
  • External users cannot add any other user.
  • Once a user-type is defined, it cannot be changed. For example, if you add a user as “Customer”., then you cannot change from “Customer to Employee”. First delete the user who is added as “Customer” and then add as “Employee” with the same mobile number.

An existing admin can assign a new business admin from the list of active internal users (employees) in business available in profile settings of admin controls. An external user cannot be made an admin.

As explained earlier once, user type, username and user mobile number are created, they cannot be changed. Instead, it is recommended to add a new user. Or one can delete the user and add a new user with new user-type, new username and with the same mobile number.

  • 1:1 messaging and sending attachments such as images, audios, videos, documents, contacts, and location.
  • Admin and employees can add unlimited customers, suppliers, partners etc.
  • Instant group creation and messaging.
  • Broadcast messaging.
  • Sending messages and attachments from BlueSecures to WhatsApp and reverse. –
  • Sending messages from Blue as SMS texts if user has not downloaded Blue yet.
  • Sharing from BlueSecures to external apps such as WhatsApp.
  • Sharing from external apps to BlueSecures such as Gallery.
  • Admin can change user rights based on need (to add customers, share externally etc).
  • Admin Rights: Download business data, User rights management, Change of admin, Delete user
  • Delete user – access to workspace will be stopped and data on mobile will be erased.
  • Device Change – Data will be backed-up on the server, erased in the previous device and users can access data on the new device.

Yes, Blue can integrate with any existing software you have. It will be taken up as a professional services project and will be scoped accordingly.

Yes, you can create a new user entry with the same mobile number. It will be treated as new record with access to prior history will not be displayed

Write to and we will help sort your problem.

Please contact your admin of your business.

You can login to BlueSecures only when an admin invites you. Probably you have not been invited by any admin. So please check with the admin of your business, who intends inviting you.

The business name must be unique. Probably someone has already used the business name you intend registering with. Try tweaking the business name when registering and you should be able to register.

It is unlikely you will not be able to access data or lost data. Please write to and we will do our best to help you out.

Mobile & Device Management
  • User-type, mobile name and mobile number of Admin or any user cannot be changed once added.
  • However, a user who has been deleted earlier, can be added with the same mobile number into a different user-type (earlier customer, now an employee etc)

If your mobile device is changed/damaged/lost – then download BlueSecures to the new device and login with the same mobile number. You should be able to access all your data. Depending on your internet connection, it might take a little time to sync your data.

Once you login from the new device, data from your previous device will be erased assuming you are online when the devices are being swapped. Please make sure to uninstall the app in the previous device before logging in to the new device.

Please write to and we will figure a way to help you access to your data.

  • Inform your business admin / admin immediately.
  • Get a new mobile with a new SIM (but same mobile number) & login to access data.
  • If your previous device is online, then data will be auto erased. However, if your previous device is offline, then data will be available on it, until such time it comes online. Post beta, we will have a method to erase data on an offline device too – the same will be announced shortly.

You can scroll back in time and access your data. Since the data must sync with cloud servers, it may take a little time to retrieve undeleted data.

No, you cannot. One device, one instance of BlueSecures and login with one mobile number which is registered with multiple businesses.

No, as per terms, it is not allowed. If you however do, Deskfactors Inc is not responsible for functioning of the app, or for any loss of data and is not responsible for any legal issues arising out of such activities. And you fully indemnify Deskfactors Inc.

Location & Mediums

Yes, BlueSecures is available on android and iOS mobiles and are compatible for versions launched after the year 2015.

Subscribers and Users in US, India and Singapore can download and access BlueSecures to transact.

Pricing & Subscription

Depending on the number of users, currently we are having a trial period of 7-15 days. Post which subscriber or business admin is required to pay the subscription fee.

Most subscribers subscribe to BlueSecures and continue. However, if you would like to discontinue, then you can download your data and exit and we will delete your trial data from the servers.

Pricing is based on the feature requirement and the number of internal users a business subscribes to.

USA - varies between US$ 4.99-$7.99/internal user/month.

Singapore - varies between S$ 4.99-$7.99/internal user/month.

India - varies between INR 99-199/internal user/month.

5 GB of storage is allocated/de-allocated to the business account for every internal user added or deleted. When the allocated storage is exhausted by the business account, the system algorithm allocates additional storage in multiples of 5Gb of storage. And pricing for additional storage is:

USA = US$ 0.25 / 5GB / month

Singapore = S$ 0.25 / 5GB / month

India = INR 25 / 5GB / month.

Monthly or usage-based subscription charges would usually apply to only employees for using the app. Employees can add unlimited customers, supplier for free. There will be no subscription charges for external users (customers, suppliers etc.) who interact with you in your business workspace.

Yes. In principle we will accept online payments or bank transfers only.

No-one including Deskfactors Inc has access to your business data and user content. Only admin of your business has access to the entire business content.

Business data is hosted on cloud (AWS) and shortly on Google Cloud Platform as well.

Yes, we can. It will be taken up as a professional services project. We can host it on Azure, GCP or any data centre that you have.

Algorithm manages the storage in such a way that businesses do not run out of storage.

Every business has their own unique subscriber ID, and one business cannot see data of another business. BlueSecures does its best to ensure that data is private, confidential, safe, and secure.

Yes, you can download entire business data. Upon requesting, within a few days, you will get link to download your data.

If you are a large enterprise (say a bank or an insurance company etc) and have your own data centre or if you are a large company who manages your own private cloud space, we will do professional services engagement to enable you to manage your business data.

Only your business admin.

Like email, every user has access to their own specific data, such as messages and documents.

When a user is deleted, the user loses access to your business network. Secondly, data on the mobile device will be erased if the user is online.

The existing admin will assign admin rights to another internal user. When such assignments happen, notifications are sent to all the internal users.

No, assigning a different name and number to an existing user is not possible as it will change identity of user across different business accounts, which is incorrect.

Managing Multiple Businesses

Yes, you can. Each business name must be unique and different.

Yes, you can. On the top of the app, click on the down arrow and all the businesses you are part of will appear.

  • At any given point in time, you can operate in one business space
  • When you access user files in the settings tab, you will access user files pertaining to that business only.
  • You cannot cut/copy & paste from one business to the other, since each business is given its own security.

Yes, you can search across multiple businesses; we have a global search feature which allows you to search across businesses from the chats tab.

Only business name must be unique, rest all fields like (name, address, GST etc. can be same or different as per your business needs).

Yes, you can. Profile settings are specific to a business.

Customer Support

Write to and you will get a response.

As of now, we do not offer on-call support.

Sure, you can. We will get back to you via above-mentioned email ID.

You can ask them to download the app from You could also ask them to write to

Managing Contacts
  • Admin can invite internal users (employees) & external users (customers, suppliers etc)
  • Internal users (employees) can invite external users (customers, suppliers etc)
  • External users (customers, suppliers etc) cannot invite anyone
  • In Blue contacts there are two tabs – “Active” and “Invited”
  • When a user is invited, automatically user name and mobile number is added to contacts in the “Invite” tab.
  • When user is in the “Invited” tab, it means user has not downloaded BlueSecures and not logged into BlueSecures.
  • When user downloads BlueSecures and logs-in., user is moved from “Invited” to “Active”.

When user is in the “Active” list, both you and the user can message and call each other on Blue.

  • Click on the send button and you can send messages from BlueSecures to the receiver's Whatsapp and vice versa. The messages sent from BlueSecures are not encrypted and not confidential. This feature is enabled to help users of Blue to exchange messages with not encrypted and not confidential users on other messaging platforms. However, to avail this service, respective businesses have to enable their respective Whatsapp business accounts and should adhere to the terms and conditions of WhatsApp. BlueSecures only provides service to integrate.
  • Click on the send button, the user gets an option to send Text to the receiver. The messages sent are not encrypted. This feature is enabled to help users of BlueSecures to request other platform users to join BlueSecures.
Managing Groups
  • Yes, you can. Invite the user and make a group.
  • Internal users (employees) can make groups of employees, customers, suppliers etc.
  • External users (customers, suppliers) can be part of groups, but cannot make groups.

Minimum size of the group is 2 people and we have limited the size to 500 users per group.

  • Yes, you can delete the participants.
  • Deleted participants can access the group, read their previous comments, but cannot post messages and cannot see messages starting the date when they have been removed / exited from the group.
  • Yes, you can exit a group and admin of the group can also remove participants.
  • Participants who have exited a group can access the group, read their previous comments, but cannot post messages and cannot see messages starting the date of their exit.
Managing Attachments
  • You can send images, documents, pdf files, contacts, location, audio and video files.
  • Maximum size of the files would be 50MB.
  • You can select multiple attachments, but maximum of 10 attachments will be sent based on the sequence of selection.
  • Ideally, it is best to send attachments when you are online
  • Blue will try to queue up to a max of 10 attachments when offline
Data Security
  • BlueSecures encrypts data on devices
  • BlueSecures uses signal protocol to encrypt data in-flight
  • BlueSecures uses encryption-at-rest on AWS for data encryption on the cloud

Globally most popular messaging applications like Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram etc., use signal protocol which helps in encryption of data in flight from point A to point B. BlueSecures also uses signal protocol.

  • Social messaging apps are for connecting with friends and family and the data belongs to the user and resides on the mobile hard-disk or to the drive users connect to.
  • However, when social messaging apps are used for business purposes, there is no way to manage and control data, as users decide what they do with the data.
  • With BlueSecures, while data is accessed by the users, the technology used helps businesses own the data. Admin manages addition and deletion of users. And users can join the business only when invited and can access data. When users are deleted, they lose access to the business network and the data.
  • BlueSecures is for helping businesses save & secure data and to sell more and service better.

BlueSecures is end to end encrypted. Audited for privacy, vulnerability and security. Admin manages contact list, addition and deletion of users, rights, storage and data. Company, Customer, Supplier related transactions are stored on cloud and belong to the business which has subscribed.

  • Users cannot copy, forward, download of documents, files etc., though admin has rights to permit the same to specific user. Data access is disconnected when people leave businesses. And data is instantly auto-erased from the mobile phones of the users who have been deleted. Please read details about user deletion under user management.
  • Also screenshots are disabled on Android devices.

Both WAF & RASP are enabled. In addition, Deskfactors has partnered with HDIV, Spain for run-time application self-protection (RASP) and application security services.

The world is moving towards high-speed internet access and management of data on cloud. Besides, in SaaS, multi-tenancy models are common. In a multi-tenancy model, customers have access to only their data and cannot view data of any other customers. Lastly, data is totally encrypted for any non-admin to access and view it. Even Deskfactors has no access to any customer data. Besides, as of now your data is hosted on AWS cloud and AWS itself ensures data safety and privacy and encryption at rest.

Encryption at rest is designed to prevent the attacker from accessing the unencrypted data by ensuring the data is encrypted when on disk. If an attacker obtains a hard drive with encrypted data but not the encryption keys, the attacker must find ways to defeat the encryption to read the data, which is extremely difficult.

QHSE IT Solution is the security partner for BlueSecures and audits the product for penetration, vulnerability, intrusion, and ensures that the application, APIs & data is secure. Deskfactors Inc., makes its best efforts that the data ownership belongs to the respective businesses who have subscribed, while enabling open market connectivity and third-party software integration.

User content like messages, documents, attachments etc. resides in the local country. For example, if subscriber has registered with India country code, then user content will reside in India.

We protect what matters the most – your data