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Give your users the freedom of choice
A plethora of features to enhance your business communication
Enjoy mobile messaging like never before
Users on BlueSecure can take advantage of unlimited calling (launching shortly) and messaging features. And it takes less than 60 seconds to get started. All they need to do is download the app from the invite sent to them and log in.
Communicate through SMS, Text, or WhatsApp
Even if the sender is on BlueSecures and the receiver is not yet on the app, the sender can communicate through SMS, Text, or WhatsApp with the receiver.

Steps to send SMS,text, or WhatsApp with the receiver
Go to contact list > Invited> Tap on invited contact > Enter text and press send button Tapping on send button > User gets two option (A) sms (B) whatsApp so user can choose any one of the mode for communication
Easy access with desktop messaging (launching shortly)
Access ‘Blue Web’ on your mobile. All you need to do is use the QR code on your desktop and start messaging.
Make groups instantly
Employees of your business, institution, or team can make groups with various stakeholders such as other employees, customers, consumers, suppliers, and partners.
Enjoy 1:1 audio calls (launching shortly)
Now your stakeholders can communicate with one another instantly. Get unlimited calling (launching shortly) with redial every 40 mins.
Capture and share pictures and videos
Take instant pictures and videos for your business and share them with your stakeholders.
Get unlimited voice and video messages
Our BlueSecures app stores all your files securely on the cloud for access from anywhere.
Stay notified on the go
When app admins change the user rights, users get notifications that their rights have been changed.
Let employees add other stakeholders
Internal users such as admin and employees can add unlimited external users such as customers, consumers, suppliers, and partners for free.
Control your internal and external users interaction
Internal users such as admin and employees can add and engage with any external users such as customers, suppliers, and partners as and when required. However, external users cannot interact with each other independently, and need at least one internal user to be present during their interaction. Moreover, external users cannot view contact lists or make groups.
Enjoy data forwards and downloads
Forward messages, documents, and files within your contact list on the BlueSecures app. However, data, documents, and files cannot be downloaded to the mobile without admin permission. Screenshots are also not permitted on the app to enable business data secure.
Get ready for a new way of business communication